Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The oral cavity undergoes several transformations during an individual’s lifespan. Among these changes is the emergence of wisdom teeth, which are regarded as a notable dental milestone. Third molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth, erupt between 17 and 21. While healthy and appropriately positioned wisdom teeth can facilitate mastication, wisdom teeth removal is considered a painful dental surgery. Typically, adults have four wisdom teeth, although some may have fewer or none, which is not a cause for concern.

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What Are Some of The Problems Caused By Wisdom Teeth?

In dental health, a specific issue can be the underlying cause of various complications. It is advisable to schedule appointments with a dental professional at intervals of no more than two months, as this can prevent bacterial and microbial buildup. Typically, complications arise when a wisdom tooth is obstructed or misaligned due to inadequate space or unfavorable positioning. The term “affected wisdom tooth” refers to a situation where the tooth is impeded within the jaw or beneath the gum tissue.

When such a situation arises,

Ingested food particles can become lodged, creating spaces where bacteria may proliferate, resulting in discomfort. Consistent practices such as brushing and flossing may become challenging due to this impediment. The presence of an impacted wisdom tooth may elicit adverse effects, including inflammation, infection, irritation, and stiffness in the mandibular region. In severe cases, adjacent teeth may incur root damage, or the supporting bone structure may become compromised.

How to Prevent the Problems Caused by Wisdom Teeth?

In cases where wisdom teeth cause complications, it is advisable to undergo their prompt extraction. To promote sound dental hygiene, individuals should adhere to the practice of brushing their teeth twice daily using fluoride toothpaste and flossing at intervals of no more than two days.

Suppose individuals lack knowledge of dental professionals in their vicinity. In that case, they may utilize search engines such as Google by inputting keywords like “Calgary wisdom teeth removal near me” to obtain a roster of potential practitioners. Dental Galaxy features highly trained experts renowned for their reliable and competent service provision. The procedure of wisdom teeth extraction is a common surgical procedure.

The Steps in The Wisdom Tooth Calgary Are:


      • If one or more teeth cause problems, the dentists will send the patient for a panoramic periapical tomography x-ray to see the proximity to the nerve size and arrangements of the roots. After the x-ray is analyzed, the dentist will disinfect the area with an antiseptic or mouthwash.
      • This helps the dentist decide the type of antiseptic to apply. If he decides to go for local anesthesia, the first step will be to place a substance on the gums to numb them. Apply one or more injections near the extraction area, so the patient does not feel pain.
      • If sedation anesthesia is applied, the anesthesia will be administered through an IV into your arm. Sedation inhibits the level of consciousness. Here you will also be given local anesthesia to numb your gum.
      • Following the induction of unconsciousness in the patient, a local anesthetic will be administered to mitigate post-operative pain. To remove an impacted wisdom tooth, the dental practitioner will utilize a nerve block technique targeting the inferior dental nerve region, facilitating the application of the anesthetic agent.
      • After one minute, when it has taken effect, the expert will proceed to anesthetize the tooth with the help of an injection. Once it has been verified that the area is numb, a small incision will be made in the gum to expose it, cover it, and visualize the wisdom tooth.
      • Next step would be to contour around the tooth bone. A cut in the wisdom tooth with devices called piezoelectric is used. The device divides the tooth into two parts to make the extraction easy. This process is called tooth sectioning. After dividing, the dentist will push the tooth out with the help of metal tweezers.
      • The area will now be cleaned with an antiseptic. The dentist will use a filling to prevent infection and speed healing. However, it depends on each case. In some patients, the dentist might not fill the gap.

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