Whitening Treatments

Whitening treatments can be effective on both extrinsic and intrinsic staining.

Safe and effective whitening options are available for in-office applications, dentist-supplied products for use at home, and over-the-counter whiteners. Temporary tooth sensitivity and gingival inflammation are potential adverse effects associated with Teeth Whitening.

whitening treatment

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Treatment with Zoom takes place in your dentist’s office. The procedure is quick and comfortable. It can usually be completed in just over an hour. You can relax or watch TV while the procedure takes place.

Your dentist will place a protective covering over your lips and gums before the Zoom. You will also wear protective eyeglasses. Whitening Gel is applied to your teeth. The Whitening Gel contains hydrogen peroxide. Zoom Whitening Lamp is focused on your teeth to activate the hydrogen peroxide. The Zoom light helps the hydrogen peroxide to penetrate your teeth and break up stains and discoloration.

In dentistry, intravenous or IV sedation is used to create a conscious sedation or “twilight” state where your body and mind are completely relaxed, but you are not unconscious. IV sedation minimizes any feelings of discomfort or anxiety, while still allowing you to talk and respond to questions (e.g. “Are you still feeling comfortable?”) or to react to verbal cues (e.g. “Can you turn your head toward the right a bit?) while the procedure is occurring.

In most cases, you will have no memory of the procedure, and because of the level of relaxation that IV sedation creates, you will need someone to take you home after the procedure is complete. The sedation will begin to wear off once you are out of the office, and you should be able to take part in normal activities within the next day.

Please talk to us if you need IV sedation. We have launched the Free Whitening for Life program to reward all of our patients who sincerely maintain their oral hygiene.

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