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Certain oral conditions or injuries gradually aggravate and turn into an infection if they are not treated properly and on time. The cause of these conditions can be anything. Sometimes an accident or trauma; other times, the root cause can be an underlying infection or injury. However, when it comes to dental emergencies such as pain, swelling, bleeding, or a broken or loose tooth, we always rush to our regular hospitals and emergency room doctors. We must understand that these facilities are equipped to deal with just pain or any oral bleeding. For a detailed treatment of your dental problem, you should visit a dental emergency clinic.

Most dental emergencies are accompanied by pain, bleeding, swelling or orofacial trauma and should only be attended to by a certified dentist.

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Same Day Emergency Dental Care

How An Emergency Dentist Can Help

When it comes to professional dental treatment following an accident or trauma, timely attention and care may mean the difference between keeping your tooth and losing it forever. Being a trusted emergency dental care provider, we understand the stress and pain our patients suffer from, and hence, our priority is to relieve their pain immediately and return them to comfort.

With years of expertise in the field, our emergency dentists are well-versed in treating a sudden dental emergency and are available to see you within 24 hours.

Following are some oral emergencies that require immediate attention from a dentist and are best treated by an

Emergency Dentist in Calgary.


  • Severe toothache
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • A dental abscess that forms due to an infection
  • Lost crown or filling
  • Bleeding and pain after tooth extraction

If you suffer from any of the above oral health concerns, it is highly encouraged to visit an emergency dentist for prompt treatment.

A Unified Solution To All Dental Emergencies

We offer a wide range of treatments and services at Galaxy Dental. We are a highly experienced and leading emergency dental clinic in Calgary, offering a full range of dental treatments with the utmost care and precision. Specializing in a wide range of emergency dental treatments, we strive to restore our patients’ dental health. Additionally, from relieving you of physical pain, we also relieve you of the financial burden associated with the treatment. We are one of the most affordable dental clinics in Calgary and offer payment plans and treatment rates that make your procedure affordable and convenient.

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Dental emergencies often happen when you are least expecting them and demand immediate attention from an experienced emergency dentist. When you experience a dental emergency, please contact our Calgary office immediately. We ensure you will receive comprehensive care from our experienced dentist and well-trained staff.

If you have any questions and want to speak to an emergency dentist, located near Calgary City, contact Galaxy Dental. Our Calgary dental clinic is now open seven days a week and closed only on major holidays, keeping our professional and reliable staff always available to address emergencies the same day.

So, don’t let the toothache or swollen gums take a toll on you. Galaxy Dental will be delighted to be your dentist of choice!

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