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If you’re seeking solutions to treat cavities in your teeth, the tooth filling in Calgary may be a good option. A cavity or tooth filling is an easy procedure requiring a single appointment. Galaxy Dentistry has got you sorted for a flawless and hassle-free dental procedure. Here is an in-depth look at dental fillings.

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What Exactly Is Dental Filling?

Dental front tooth cavity filling is a treatment used to replace missing tooth structures that may have been caused by trauma or decay. A decayed tooth often becomes hollow and needs an immediate solution. Dental fillings help in closing this gap and guard against additional deterioration. A filling also restores teeth that have been fractured or cracked and teeth that have worn down due to dental habits like nail biting and teeth grinding.

front tooth cavity filling
dental filling calgary
front tooth filling

Benefits of Getting A Front Tooth Cavity Filling at Galaxy Dental

If you have a shallow cavity, you can feel sensitivity, minor pain, and food lodgement. These shallow cavities are treated by our front tooth filling in Calgary. They are used on teeth that are worn down, broken, or damaged over time. Here are some benefits of tooth-filling at Galaxy Dental.

    • Prevents the growth of cavities

    While getting a tooth filling, your tooth will require an in-depth cleaning of the decayed part. Thus, the filler material will be poured to seal the cavity’s gap. The substance prevents the nerve terminals in the dentine from contacting the acids and temperatures of your saliva and food. Cavities frequently cause toothaches since these nerves are exposed.

    • Improves the structure of the tooth

    Dental fillings help improve the tooth’s structure. The filling will provide the tooth with much-needed support rather than allowing the cavity to hollow out. As fillings are temporary fixes, they do not harm your teeth.

    • Strengthens broken teeth

    Tooth fillings are an easy way to repair a fractured tooth. One of your teeth may break due to oral trauma caused by physical activity, such as sports or an accident. Chewing on hard objects like ice or candies can also break your teeth. Your teeth weaken with age, making you more susceptible to chips and fractures. Therefore, the white compound repairs and fills the gap in the broken structure.

    • Improves the color of your teeth

    Dental tooth-colored fillings are commonly put on teeth that are badly stained and discolored. Your teeth can become stained due to the stuff you consume, like coffee and red wine. Additionally, damaging behaviors like bruxism can result in a tooth losing its natural color. The fresh fillings make your smile even brighter and whiter.

    • Prevents teeth from rotting

    Your teeth occasionally develop microscopic holes that are not quite cavities but tend to collect debris and bits of food. Tooth decay might eventually develop from these holes over time. Thankfully, a dental filling from Galaxy Dental can seal them off.

A Guide to Dental Front Tooth Filling

The X-rays of your teeth will determine the extent of the problem, and you are guided through the procedure before the dental work is performed.

  • Examining your fractured tooth is the first step. The procedure then involves tooth X-rays and the administration of local anesthesia to the surrounding area.
  • After the x-rays, your teeth and gums are numbed to ensure a painless procedure.
  • Once completely numb, the dentist will use various dental tools to drill out the tooth decay, fill the prepared space with the selected filling material, and shape it to fit the tooth.
  • After all the decayed teeth have been extracted, the tooth filling procedure will begin. For each tooth, the entire process only takes a few minutes. After you finish, your teeth and gums will remain numb for a few hours.

Duration of a Dental Filling Procedure

The materials used, the filling’s size, location, and general dental health affect how long front tooth filling lasts. A general front tooth filling may take up to 20-25 minutes. However, filling multiple teeth can take up to an hour. Additionally, a tooth filling lasts you a long time. Yet, by maintaining good dental health and hygiene, you can lengthen the fillings’ lifespan.

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