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Orthodontics focuses on the alignment of the person’s teeth and jaws to enhance their smile and dental health. The orthodontist will correct misalignment of the teeth and jaw with the use of braces. These braces can be fixed or removable. In more extreme cases, these braces may also include head gear. It also closes the gaps between your teeth and ensures proper alignment of the upper and lower set of teeth.
The causes of bad teeth alignment can range anywhere from genetic, to diet habits and lifestyle. Eating a lot of hard food frequently over a long period of time can contribute to misaligned teeth. A lot of children also have a habit of pushing their tongue against the back of the front teeth, also called tongue thrusting, which can contribute to misaligned teeth. In adults, wisdom teeth can contribute to misaligned teeth, when they grow perpendicular to existing molars, applying pressure onto them and pushing them out of alignment.
Depending on the type and severity of the misalignment, various types of braces are there to help fix them.
Before you begin with your orthodontic treatment, make sure that you know what kind of braces are being used and how they’ll affect your teeth. There are three types of braces, all of which use wires and versatile bands to connect the braces together and align teeth:
  • Traditional Braces with brackets that are linked to the front of the teeth are most the most common type used for everyone. They are usually made with metal, although there are variants that use ceramic brackets and metal wire.
  • Lingual Braces have brackets and wires that are linked to the back of the teeth. They’re more challenging to clean but are virtually invisible. You’ll look like you have no braces at all
  • Retainers are Metal bands that go around the teeth. These are usually used after braces to help make sure that the teeth stay in place and monitor any movement to determine how long the patient will need to keep the retainers on
Your orthodontist will help you pick the right kind of braces based on your particular case of misalignment. There are a couple choices to personalize your braces, such as choosing clear bands, so they’re less obvious or giving children a chance to choose bright fun colors.
With braces, you’ll have to brush consistently and thoroughly to remove food residue on the braces and avoid sticky food.
Having braces can be a little uncomfortable. Over time you’ll get used to the braces and it will eventually feel a part of your daily life. This is only a temporary ordeal though. After your entire orthodontic treatment, you’ll have a smile so attractive, you’ll thank yourself for the investment you made.


Invisalign is an excellent option to traditional braces. Invisalign uses a set of clear, custom-made aligners to move your teeth into their desired position over a period of time, just like metal braces.
These aligners are replaced every 2 to 4 weeks and are practically invisible, comfortable to wear and are removable.

Invisalign vs. Braces

With Invisalign, you get the advantages of braces:
  • Straighter teeth and a more alluring smile
  • Enhanced oral health and capacity
  • Prevent dental issues brought on by crooked teeth or a misaligned bite
  • Increased self–confidence
  • No metal brackets over your teeth!
Invisalign is ideal for adults and teenagers who need orthodontic treatment but prefer not to have the traditional metal wire-and-bracket braces and the discipline that comes with them. If you have crooked teeth or a misaligned bite, Invisalign gives a modern, cosmetically appealing approach to fixing your teeth.
Picking the right orthodontist is a critical choice in your journey to a better oral health. At Galaxy Dental, we offer a new patient exam to help you settle on the right choice when looking for an orthodontist for yourself and your family.
At Galaxy Dental, we think about our patients and treat you like family. During your new patient exam, our staff will happily answer any inquiries you have about Invisalign treatment or our other orthodontic treatment choices. We want you to feel great about your orthodontic treatment – and content with your results for years to come.
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