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Dentures are removable devices that are made to replace missing teeth. When you have lost all your natural teeth, whether because of gum disease, injury or tooth decay, dentures do a great job of replacing them. Dentures will make it easier for you to speak and eat.
The crowns on dentures are made of porcelain, plastic or a mix of both. Dentures can also be used in conjunction with dental implants.
Dentures will wear out and alignment will change over time and should be replaced or realigned to keep the jaw alignment natural. Alignment will gradually change as the bone and gum line recedes because of the extraction of the teeth. Consistent dental examination is still essential for patients who have dentures to monitor overall oral health.
For a couple missing teeth, we can fit you with partial dentures. We will thoroughly check your mouth and make a partial denture that will fit perfectly with your natural teeth. If your teeth are missing on the upper or lower jaw or both, then you should get a full set of dentures. We use quality materials to ensure that you have ideally estimated dentures that will fit correctly and last long.
If you have questions about dentures, you may contact us and schedule an appointment with our expert team