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teeth whitening

Individuals who have unrestored healthy teeth and gums are perfect for teeth whitening. Teeth whitening helps remove stains on the teeth and gives it a lighter shade of white. This procedure is one of the most common cosmetic dental treatment as it is easy to avail and is non-invasive and affordable.
Other pre-existing dental problems, such as cavities, can affect the success of tooth whitening. If you have any, please schedule a consultation with us to see how we can proceed with your teeth whitening procedure. If you have receded gums, the exposed roots of your teeth will have a yellowish color. Whitening products can’t make them lighter. It also will not work on porcelain crowns or veneers.

There are two types of whitening methods:

Vital whitening is done on teeth that have natural nerves. The most basic type of vital whitening is applying a type of whitening gel straight to the tooth facade. Keep in mind that this whitening gel has hydrogen peroxide.
Non-vital whitening is for teeth that have undergone root-canal therapy and no longer have natural nerves. This procedure is specific for teeth that have had root canal since the stain is coming from the inside of the tooth.
The discoloration of your teeth may come back if you are sustaining unhealthy habits like smoking, or if you habitually drink two or more cups of brewed coffee daily. You might want to stop smoking altogether as this can lead to other more severe dental problems. As for coffee, you can cut down your intake to one cup a day so your teeth whitening treatment will last much longer.
Call us now and schedule a consultation should you need a teeth whitening treatment.


Tooth-colored fillings, also known as composite resins, give excellent stability and resistance to the tooth. They can be applied on either back or front sides of the teeth or both sides. This treatment could be the best choice for people who prefer their fillings to look more natural. The tooth-colored filling is also used for corrective enhancements of the smile.
Tooth colored fillings take longer because it is necessary to keep the tooth clean and dry while the cavity is being filled. This treatment is now more often applied than gold fillings (amalgam).
For this procedure, your dentist will clean up the damaged tooth and then place a bonding material within the cavity. Each of the layers that have composite resin will harden with the help of the light that your dentist operates over the tooth. When the last layer of the filling becomes firm, the dentist will shape the mixture to make it look like a natural part of your tooth.
Here are the advantages of tooth-colored filling
  • They will have the same shade as your natural teeth.
  • It is more cost efficient than other fillings.
  • This procedure can be completed in just one appointment.
We at Galaxy Dental offers tooth-colored fillings treatment. Call us and schedule an appointment today.
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