Preserve Your Own Teeth with the Beauty of Dental Crowns

All of us have only one set of adult teeth that last us a lifetime. That is why it is important that we keep as many of them intact and healthy for the longest time possible. However, our teeth may sustain an injury or may even get affected by tooth decay despite the care and attention. Apart from that, our teeth may wear down through unconscious night-time grinding. Of course, with time, they lose their colour, strength, size or shape with regular use.

In such cases, dental crowns and tooth-shaped caps come to our rescue. These crowns are cemented over your tooth to provide a viable, long-term solution. Crowns can also restore and improve the original tooth’s shape and bolster the size. It further helps improve tooth strength and, thereby, changes our entire appearance.

Planning and Procedure for Dental Crowns Calgary

Here is a detailed procedure for crown dental Calgary services that everyone must know:

  • The dentist will take impressions of the particular damaged or weak tooth during your consultation.
  • Later, a dental lab can create a custom crown for you.
  • The dentist will also explain every step of the crown process. They may further discuss details such as anaesthesia and sedation options.
  • Your dentist will prepare the tooth before placing a temporary crown during the crown placement procedure. No temporary crown or separate visit for the placement is necessary if the dental clinic uses CAD/CAM chairside technology to create permanent crowns.
  • You must also follow your dentist’s recommendations for aftercare and maintenance.

When Do You Need a Crown Dental Calgary?

Dental crowns can be of great help to you in the following situations:

  • Weak, decayed or cracked teeth that need to be protected from breaking apart.
  • A broken tooth that is severely worn down.
  • A large filling with not much tooth remaining that needs further support.
  • A dental bridge that needs to be kept in place.
  • A severely discoloured or misshapen tooth.
  • A dental implant that needs to be covered.
  • Any teeth that have received the root canal treatment (RCT).

Benefits of Dental Crowns Calgary

Dental crowns are the best resort when you want to protect your adjacent teeth by giving support to the weak teeth. But is that it? Here are some of the additional benefits of these crowns:

  • Healthier Teeth: Dental crowns can prevent any further decay or damage to the teeth. Ultimately, you get stronger teeth that help with chewing and prevent future damage to the mouth.
  • Improved Appearance: These crowns can also be used to cover teeth with aesthetic defects. It often includes gaps between the teeth or discolouration.
  • Improved Bite: A particular tooth that is damaged can cause the surrounding teeth to shift out of place. This can cause improper bites, something that dental crowns can get rid of by restoring the damaged tooth’s structure.
  • Preserve Natural Teeth: Dental crowns can be used to cover your teeth that have been treated with root canal therapy or any dental surgery.
  • Prevent Future Health Issues: Damaged or diseased teeth always lead to oral health issues like a periodontal disease. Getting a dental crown is the best way to fortify and protect the compromised tooth.

How To Find The Right Dental Crown Dentist in Calgary?

There are a few key factors to consider when finding the right dental crown dentist.

  • First and foremost, you have to ensure that the dentist has experience performing dental crown procedures. Look for someone who specializes in restorative dentistry and has a proven track record of successful outcomes.
  • Another important aspect to consider here is the dentist’s qualifications and credentials. Ensure they have the certifications and know about all the advancements in today’s dental technology. This will ensure you will only receive high-quality care using the most advanced techniques.
  • It is also worth considering the location of the specific dental office. Ideally, you may want to find a dentist near your home or workplace. This makes it easier for you to schedule your dental appointments and attend follow-up visits without hassle.
  • Reading about other patients’ experiences and reviews about the dentist can give you valuable insights into their level of expertise and satisfaction with their treatment.
  • While it is essential not to compromise on quality regarding your oral health, affordability is still an important factor for everyone. Research different pricing options or check if they accept insurance. This can help you find a dental crown dentist who fits within your budget.

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