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TMJ disorders

Don’t let jaw pain stop you from enjoying life’s pleasures! TMJ Disorder, also referred to as TMD, occurs when the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) functions improperly. This can happen for many reasons. Regardless of the cause, the effects can include facial discomfort, disrupted sleep, headaches, clicking or popping sounds at the back of the jaw, difficulty opening or shutting your mouth, and even numbness in the arms and fingers. In fact, this condition is associated with a wide range of symptoms that can at first seem unrelated to your dental health. If you think TMJ Disorder may be affecting you, schedule a consultation with us so we can help you find out.
Have a few more questions or want to schedule a consultation? Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly dental team members. We can help you manage TMJ Disorder and find relief for any discomfort you may be having.

What is TMJ disorder?

The TMJ acts as the hinge between the upper and lower jaw, and there is one on each side of your mouth. Your jaw utilizes this mechanism to open and shut for yawning, chewing, and speaking. Problems with the TMJ can occur as a result of many factors, such as using the jaw to open a bottle too often. There are many symptoms associated with TMJ Disorder, though some symptoms, such as teeth grinding, may be both a cause of TMJ Disorder and a result of the condition. While the origins may not always be understood, there are several effective treatment options that can help you manage this problem and achieve greater comfort in your daily life.

Treatment Options

What works for one person may not work for another, which is why we offer a comprehensive selection of TMJ Disorder treatments. After evaluating your symptoms and discussing your concerns, we may recommend one or more of the following:
  • Oral night guards or day guard
  • Bite re-alignment appliances
  • Orthodontics (braces or retainers)
  • Restorative dental procedures
  • Medication
  • Oral surgery
We will begin with conservative methods first, utilizing more advanced techniques if warranted. In most cases, however, simple approaches can provide significant relief from the symptoms. Your comfort, safety, and results are paramount, and we will customize a treatment plan to suit your needs and lifestyle.

sedation dentistry

Regular visits to the dentist can be quite dreadful, especially for those who have dental phobia. The thought of going to the dentist scares majority of people, prompting them to ignore the pains they may be experiencing. Dental sedation is a modern, innovative approach for dental practitioners today, helping to subside the fear people have during procedures, motivating them to visit their dentist regularly.

What are the benefits of dental sedation?

A patient won’t feel pain when sedated, so the dentist will be able to perform their procedure, without the patient moving unnecessarily. It also helps for those who have gag reflexes. Some other benefits to dental sedation that it provides to the patient include: numbing of the area of operation for the procedure, better control of movement, which helps make the procedure more efficient and less time-consuming.
For many kinds of treatments or procedures such as comprehensive restorative dentistry, wisdom tooth extraction, cosmetic dentistry, root canal therapy or simple tooth extraction; dental sedation can be used.
All of these services are offered here in Galaxy Dental. Before an appointment for a procedure, especially those that are invasive, our dentist will assess and discuss what to expect, determine if sedation is needed, and explain the safety guidelines before, and after the procedure.
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